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MrMovie is a buddy that you can add to your Instant Messenger. At this moment MrMovie is available for AOL/AIM Messenger, MSN Live Messenger and Skype Chat. We are working on a Yahoo Messenger release.

MrMovie provides you a viariety of movie related information. He is not much of a chatter, but more like a movie database within your IM.

For instance:
If you type MOVIENEWS, MrMovie will tell you the latest gossip and provides you the movie headlines
If you type a MOVIE TITLE, MrMovie will provide you additional information about that movie and, if available, the price of the DVD.
If you type the NAME OF AN ACTOR, ACTRESS or PRODUCER, he instantly creates a list of movies related to this person.

Okay, that's basic stuff, but NEW functions and improvements are on their way:
- Share lists with your IM buddy's
- Extensive information about movies
- Complete movie listings and better filter options (based on name Actor, Actress, Producer, etc)
- Better biographies per Actor/Actress and Producer
- MrMovie will share all his movie trailer links with you
- And much more! So keep an eye on MrMovie!

Chatnames MrMovie:
Yahoo Messenger: available soon

MrMovie is also Twittering and using Jaiku!
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